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Replus Real Estate Agency is one of the leading real estate agencies in Shanghai, we are specialized in Shanghai properties for rent.
We have the best ability to help you finding apartments, villas, old houses, condos, flats and all kinds of property in Shanghai.
We have the biggest resource and data base in the city to satisfy all kinds of needs of our clients.
We speak English, French, Japanese, and Chinese.
In Replus, you can get the best service for expatriates: Visa, Residential Permit, Shanghai Orientation, Help to Apply for International schools ,Free Home Search, Move-in Service and 24 Hours; After-sales Service.
Also, most of our services are free of charge for expatriates.

Why Choose Replus?
*Professional: Pre-check the houses before showing to clients
*Largest property database in all areas of Shanghai
*Dedicated and experienced consultant team
*Experienced after-sales service team
*Our Attitude: much patient, thoughtful and courteous
*Strong Credentials with multinational companies
Replus Real Estate is the perfect place to start searching for your new home.
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Shanghai Facts
What's to Bring
International Schools
International Kindergartens

[updated date:2013-3-11] 
Rui Jin Road Old Hou
HuangPu District
130square meters
Rent:3600 USD/mon
Tai Yuan Road Old Ho
XuHui District
80square meters
Rent:2200 USD/mon
Wei Hai Road Old Hou
JingAn District
85square meters
Rent:1800 USD/mon
Xin Guo Road Old Hou
ChangNing District
277square meters
Rent:8500 USD/mon
[updated date:2013-3-11] 
Regents Park
ChangNing District
76square meters
Rent:1700 USD/mon
JingAn District
156square meters
Rent:2500 USD/mon
LuWan District
192square meters
Rent:6000 USD/mon
Jing An Residence 8
JingAn District
135square meters
Rent:3600 USD/mon
[updated date:2013-3-11] 
Consul Garden
ChangNing District
Rent:3200 USD/mon
Golden Troops
ChangNing District
Rent:3000 USD/mon
Platinum Residence
ChangNing District
Rent:2300 USD/mon
Maison Des Artistes
ChangNing District
Rent:2400 USD/mon
[updated date:2013-3-11] 

Skyline Rivera Garden
PuDong District
320square meters
Rent:4600 USD/mon
Yanlord Gardens
PuDong District
380square meters
Rent:7900 USD/mon
Fortune Residence
PuDong District
352square meters
Rent:12000 USD/mon
Shi Mao Rivera Garden
PuDong District
129square meters
Rent:1700 USD/mon
[updated date:2013-3-11] 
Creen Court
PuDong District
227square meters
Rent:4800 USD/mon
Dawn Garden
PuDong District
320square meters
Rent:4400 USD/mon
Xiang Mei Garden
LuWan District
240square meters
Rent:5700 USD/mon
Champs Elysee 10
LuWan District
240square meters
Rent:5700 USD/mon
[updated date:2013-3-11] 
Modern Villa
QingPu District
356square meters
Rent:6500 USD/mon
Rancho Santa Fe
MinHang District
280square meters
Rent:5000 USD/mon
Xijiao Hua Cheng Villa
QingPu District
280square meters
Rent:3900 USD/mon
Orient Hawaii
ChangNing District
400square meters
Rent:5700 USD/mon
[updated date:2013-3-11] 
Luoshan Oasis Villa
PuDong District
330square meters
Rent:4000 USD/mon
The Greenhills
PuDong District
270square meters
Rent:7200 USD/mon
Luoshan Oasis Villa
PuDong District
350square meters
Rent:3600 USD/mon
Xi Jiao Da Gong Guang
PuDong District
530square meters
Rent:5600 USD/mon

Property Type
Bedroom Number

Lease Procedure by Choosing Replus:

Step 1
Pre-Departure Consultancy Activities
Give us your requirements by calling us at ,sending us an e-mail or submitting your inquiry form to us, our consultants will reply you soon with a series of housing alternatives with photos via email based on your requirements.
Step 2
Arrival and City Orientation

We will also take our client to visit the international school,
if they relocate to Shanghai with the family and kids.
Step 3
House Inspection
We will arrange the property visiting and show you as many properties as possible, until you find the dreaming one!
Step 4
Lease Negotiation
Step 5
Issue of Offer Letter or Letter of Intend
Step 6
Lease Agreement Execution
Step 7
Help the tenant for the payment of the rent.
Step 8
Pre-move-in Inspections
Step 9
Hand-over and Moving in
Help the tenant checking-in the new property.
Help the tenant to get the residence permit.
Step 10
After-sales Service
We will provide the after-service until the rent expire.
Step 11
Housing Inspection for Moving out

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